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HOW TO Build a Tiny Home: by Teacup Tiny Homes

Learn how to:

Build your tiny home the way the professionals do... learn the start to finish process & techniques without getting overwhelmed and doing it WRONG.


Does This Sound Like You?

  • Are you worried that the systems that you choose are going to be wrong for your environment?
  •  Do you worry that you are missing something incredibly important in the build that you wont be able to fix later or will cost you a lot of money to change.
  • Do you lie awake at night trying to sift through the copious amounts of information that you watched on YouTube or the blogs you read that you can’t sleep.
  • Do you worry that you are going to invest all of your savings into this tiny home and do it wrong? Ending up with a worthless structure that no one will even buy?
  • Are you desperate to change your living situation, and know that building your tiny home is in your soul… but you have no idea where to even start?
  • Are you exhausted of researching and planning without making any headway… is your family seeing your exhaustion in trying to figure it out?


...you had the benefit of the experience of building multiple tiny homes without having any yourself.  

...if you were given the answers to all your questions, all the build systems, and specifications to your tiny home.

...to have a professional to walk and talk you through all your decisions.

... you had a professional tiny home designer show you the proper way to design and make sure that you end up with a design that is actually going to function for you. 

   ...there was NO MORE RESEARCHING and you would get to focus on what you do best.. which is the BUILD.

Want to make this a reality??

We help D.I.Y. Tiny Home builders, design, plan, and build their own tiny home ensuring success, coaching, consulting and teaching our clients how to do it on their own.

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What You Will Learn

  • Have the benefit of tiny home build experience without having any yourself.  
  • Access to committed professionals to walk and talk you through all your decisions and trouble shooting. 
  • Have a professional designer show you the most important elements in designing a tiny and how it will work for you!
  • NO MORE RESEARCHING, you get to focus on what you do best.. which is BUILDING your home and not the parts that you know nothing about.
  • Q & A sessions online to get assistance on any issues that you have before and during the build.
  • Group of people cheering you on going through the same thing to hit milestones and get you over the little speed bumps faster, more efficiently and effectively…..
  • …because when this  happens, you will be living your tiny home dream sooner, saving money, living a more sustainable, healthier, active lifestyle!  You will be living the WHY you started this journey from the first place.


What's Included?

  • A 8-part online training program where we take you through the step-by-step build process that we use in our shop with our clients.
  •  Lifetime access to the thorough training videos of this process so you can refer to it at any time.
  • Weekly Q&A access with our Teacup Team to ask questions and receive advice. 
  • Access to building and product specifications including Teacup resources.
  • Online community group and access to help from the Teacup Team for problem-solving, troubleshooting, and assistance for when you are building and expert advice on how to solve different situations during your build. 
  • ..... and a group of people to help you and to cheer you on.

"Jen your patience with me ....was beyond incredible!!! You never made me feel bad for asking for the unthinkable, you just reigned me in and kept going. I am so thankful you were there to walk me through the process."

~Teacup Client 2018


  • MODULE 1: Certification, Location, Financing & Insurance.  Gain a greater understanding of what different certifications are needed throughout the industry, the ins, and outs of finding locations, what is needed for financing, and if you may be eligible and how to get insurance. 
  • MODULE 2: Planning & Design:  Learn tiny home design 101 and some of the most important tips that must be considered in tiny home plans, and selecting colours and materials for successful tiny home living.
  • MODULE 3: Colour Selections Exterior & Interior Selections:  Choose colours that will work together and achieve the look and feel for you and your home. This can be exciting or challenging and is extremely important for how space makes you feel in the end. 
  • MODULE 4: Trailer Design & Specifications: Learn our proprietory trailer design and the products and materials we use in our homes including mechanicals. 
  • MODULE 5: The Build: From Start To Finish:  How to videos of every step of construction in this portion of the build. Learn the hands-on way our trade partners build our homes with actual footage.
  • MODULE 6: Completion & Site Set-Up:  Walk-through of how to set up your tiny home once it is done.
  • MODULE 7: Maintenance & Living: How to maintain your tiny home for longevity.
  •  MODULE 8: Mindset: How to have a winning attitude to achieve success and complete your tiny home dreams.

"I know where to start now and what things I will need to get in order before starting to make sure it is a success. So far I am happy with the online course. Especially if I get to continually have access to it to re-watch the videos as I start the whole process of building at a later date."

Cory S.
How To Build Student

"Learning the legal details is what I love the most so far. The course has pointed out a lot of things that I have missed"

Mr. C (anonymous)
How To Build Student

Not sure if this is for you?

What if you get through the program and decide it is too much to take on?

We have good news!  If you journey through this program and decide in the end you have bitten off more than you can chew, we credit 100% of your tuition toward your Teacup Tiny Home Build!

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