How To Build A Tiny Home: Mini Course

How do you build a tiny home the way the professionals do?  



"I know where to start now and what things I will need to get in order before starting to make sure it is a success. So far I am happy with the online course. Especially if I get to continually have access to it to re-watch the videos as I start the whole process of building at a later date. "

Cory S.


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Stop spinning your wheels and questioning every decision. We will teach and share with you the details of: Certification vs. Non-Certification, finding location, financing & insurance.  Then we will take you through how to design your tiny home from me, Jen, a professional Interior Designer with almost 2 decades of experience in residential design and construction.


Use the knowledge and skill of our in house team and trade partners to show you how we build our tiny homes. We share with you the most important tips and tricks that we had to learn the hard way through mistakes.  Ask specific questions to our team in "The Shop" Facebook group to get your professional build advice straight from the ones building them.


The build is only the beginning of the journey. In this segment, we help you to stay persistent because building a home is not easy. You also will need to know how to maintain your home well into the future and even hear from one of our clients on her experience living large in her Teacup Tiny Home. 

"Teacup is knowledgeable on technical building specs whereas other builders were unable to answer questions. That was a red flag for us. "

Erin & Chad
Ontario~Shangri La

"Learning the legal details is what I love the most so far. The course has pointed out a lot of things that I have missed" 

Mr. C (anonymous)

~ How To Build Student 

How To Build A Tiny Home

Educate, gain knowledge and learn what the professional tiny home builders know and do every day. 


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Do you want to learn more about going tiny but not sure if you are interested in building yourself?

All Alumni of the program will have the opportunity to apply the amount they paid for the course to a Teacup Tiny Home Build. 

 That means if you decide in the future you want us to build your tiny for you, we credit your home this amount.



What is the time commitment for the course?

You can take this course all on your own. The program is 100% online and self-taught so you can log in and learn at anytime you want to. 

Do I get lifetime access?

You bet!  You will have access to the program for as long as it exists on the internet. That means you can refer back to it at any time you please for the instruction of questions.  You will even get lifetime access to all of the updates as they come.

What happens if I need more help with my build?

We are totally here for you!  If you want consultations or help with your specific design we offer consulting hours where our team will help!